Change the world

NMMU has increased it's infrastructure substantially over the past few years. Here are some recently completed projects and some still under constrution. 

B.Ed Foundation Phase Building

Faculty: Education

Campus: Missionvale

Total Project Cost: R56,1m

Completion: January 2016

Description/Purpose: Teaching facilities and offices, tailor-made for students studying Foundation Phase (Grade R to 3) teaching.

Special facilities: Teaching facilities offer flexibility (i.e. objects in the room can be moved around to suit the student teachers’ needs).

New Astroturf

Campus: South

Total Project Cost: R8m

Completion: January 2016

Description/Purpose: Astroturf for hockey

New Life and Physical Sciences building

Campus: South

Total Project Cost: R57m

Completion:   February 2016

Description/Purpose: New laboratories, offices, lecture facilities and auditorium

InnoVenton extensions

Campus: InnoVenton

Cost to build: R9m

Total Project Cost: April 2016

Description/Purpose: Expansion of InnoVenton’s current operations; lecture facilities and offices

New engineering building (Phase 2)

Campus:  North

Total Project Cost: R35m

Completion: December 2016

Description/Purpose: Additional laboratories and lecture facilities

New bitumen laboratory

Campus: North

Total Project Cost: R8,5m

Completion:  March 2015

Description/Purpose: Laboratory for bitumen testing (for Civil Engineering students)

Upgrading and expansion of disability facilities and assistive technologies

Campus:   Across all campuses

Total Project Cost: R8,3m

Completion:  March 2015

Description/Purpose: New lifts, ramps and ablutions

Special facilities:  Lifts, ramps and ablutions for disabled people

NMMU Art Gallery

Campus:  Bird Street

Total Project Cost:  R3m

Completion:  August 2015

George gym

Campus:  George

Total Project Cost:  R3m

Completion:  2015

High Performance Centre

Campus: South

Total Project Cost: R40m

Completion: 2014

Description/Purpose: Facilities for students studying Human Movement Science, biokinetics and dietetics (the specialised dietetics kitchen is being expanded – due for completion in March 2016)

Special facilities: Includes a state-of-the-art indoor track and field facility that will assist top athletes to reach their full potential. It is described as the first complex of its kind in the country.                                

New residences: 312 beds

Campus: North

Total Project Cost: R119m

Completion: 2014

Description/Purpose: Accommodation for students

New residences: 74 beds

Campus: George

Total Project Cost: R3m

Completion: 2014

Lecture facility

Campus: 2nd Avenue

Total Project Cost:R10m

Completion: 2014

Fitness & Aquatics Centre

Campus: South

Total Project Cost: R8,2m

Completion:  2013