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Nelson Mandela University’s Infrastructure Projects director Greg Ducie and project manager Gerrit Smit received their PhD in Business Management on 14 December, both with Business Management’s Prof Miemie Struwig as supervisor. Incoming Vice-Chancellor Dr Sibongile Muthwa was also the co-supervisor for Greg’s studies.

The topic of Greg’s research was the financing of sustainable cities in South Africa, whereas Gerrit researched the role of management in the causes, effects and incidence of construction project delays.

Greg developed a four-component model to guide the financing of sustainable cities in South Africa, using a hypothetical city as a case study. He also focussed on the relationship between poverty alleviation and the financing of sustainable cities.

Although the public sector will always remain the key initiator behind infrastructure development, various mechanisms of financing, along with applicable financing partners and investment, will be required to address future sustainable cities.

Greg started his studies in Town and Regional Planning and completed his Master Degree in Business Management for which he received the University Council Award for the best Masters Degree by Dissertation in Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as the VC award.

During his PhD studies, Greg spent some time at the University of Surrey at their Centre of Environmental Strategy to examine and discuss topical issues relating to his PhD research. 

Gerrit developed a theoretical framework, highlighting the four management functions and their influence on the causes, effects and incidence of construction project delays. Although contractors were dealing with planning and controlling in managing construction project delays, they need to pay attention to organising and leadership.

This study benefits construction contractors in their management practices and other role players in understanding what role management can play in construction project delays.

Gerrit started his studies in construction and project management and obtained his masters in Construction Management with distinction. Gerrit has already published and presented conference papers on his research.

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